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  • Investor: Valamar Riviera d.d.
  • Year: 2017.
  • Place: Rabac


The tourist resort Girandella is situated in the eastern part of Rabac. Tourist transformation happened in the 1960s with the construction of accommodation facilities, landscaping and the construction of a promenade by the sea that leads to the existing Lungomare. With a comprehensive reconstruction, the Girandella resort is divided into two resorts, Girandella Valamar Collection Resort and TUI Blue Bellevue Resort by Valamar.
In the TUI Blue Bellevue Resort by Valamar part of the Albona Hotel has been renovated while one wing has been rebuilt. Hotel Bellevue included minor interventions in the gabarites of the existing building. The Agava building was completely removed and the new building was connected to the Hotel Bellevue by a warm connection. In the immediate vicinity of the Bellevue Hotel a complex of outdoor swimming pools with accompanying facilities has been built.


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