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  • Investor:
  • Year: 2010.
  • Place: Umag


In the location Moela South in Umag a 4 floor- tenement house with 36 flats is planned to be built.
The architectural design idea is based on two volumes- a dark (grey roughcast), the base which elevates in two narrow corner- round towers, and a lighter (white plaster) which seems to be “suspended in the air” above the dark volume. The volumes are separated by two vertical cuts which, except for putting the stress on the design, have the function of allowing light to enter the hallway.
The ground floor entrance is a niche while the staircase is open on all floors giving the sense of the height of the building.
On all the floors there are rooms organized around two longitudinal corridors and the central staircase. The flats are of different types and dimensions. A special emphasis was laid upon different purposes of the flats (living room which could be used as a bedroom, the kitchen could be linked with the living room or it could be a separate room). Each accommodation unit has a terrace- loggia whose color tones with the color of the building defining each accommodation unit from the outside.


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