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  • Investor:
  • Year: 2005.
  • Place: Čatež


A new self standing building, connected to the hotel, built for the needs of a wellness program, was constructed within the complex of a newly built hotel Toplice. The wellness building is designed in the shape of number 8 with a 4,50m steel construction skylight roof. The height permitted a more level construction to be built in the central parts, so that a room for manicure is in one part of the building while the other part is provided for a closed, more intimate space for massage, relaxation, whirlpool and finish sauna. Massage and beauty rooms for face and body treatments, dressing rooms and staff rooms are located on the edge of the construction.
The entrance to the wellness is decorated with some artificial rocks and a fountain which is linked to the main door and reception desk by a wooden bridge. In the central part by the reception desk, is a “brook”, covered in glass, which sinks in the fountain at the bottom of the “stream”.


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