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  • Investor: De Conte d.o.o.
  • Year: 2006.
  • Place: Labin


The tenement and office building is located in the centre of Labin, where once the “Istratrans” complex used to be. The closeness to the centre of Labin (Podlabin), church, market place and secondary school gives this location a special importance.
There was once a big shed for storage and service purposes while a car parts shop was in a smaller part of the shed.

Architectural Design
A special attention was paid to the fitting of the building into the environment as well as to the mining tradition present in this town by shaping it in a formal way and fragmenting into smaller units.
It is conformed to surrounding buildings while white-black- grey shades of colors are similar to the colors of the ambience evoking the mining past of the area.

Description of the Planned Building
The tenement and office building consists of 9 flats and 22 business premises. They are arranged in three parts of the building: north, central and south.
The building is divided in: lower level, ground floor, first and second floor. Flats are on the ground, first, second floor, and in the central and southern part of the building.
Business premises are in the lower level, on the ground and first floor. There are no flats in the lower level, and on the second floor are no business premises. The whole building has three staircases; two of them in the central part of the building leading to the flats. In the northern part of the building are only business premises which have a separate staircase.
From the main road the drive ways are from the northern and southern side.
There is a ramp on the northern side which leads to the lower level and to 4 parking spaces.
From the southern side of the roadway we come to the area at the back of the plot with an attended car- park with 44 parking spaces, 4 of which are for disabled people.
Between the central and northern part of the building is an open area- a square where a sculpture of a sculpture Neven Bilić “soft rock” found place. From the square one can enter the ground floor and the business premises on the first floor.


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